Kirby Estates provides a professional, cost-effective, efficient and approachable service across the West Mercia region.

(Herefordshire, Shropshire, Powys & Worcester)

We appreciate all residential block and estate management companies are unique – there is never a ‘one fit all’ solution. Because of this we offer bespoke tailored block management solutions to fit your requirements and expectations.

This versatility and adaptability allows our team to manage your scheme as you desire as opposed to enforcing a solution you might not want. Adopting this approach provides the flexibility you need – freeing your Directors to make the important decisions without the mountain of paperwork you might otherwise be handicapped with.

We believe in being “proactive” rather than “reactive”. Unlike other block and estate management agents who fail in this understanding, Kirby Estates maintains a rigorous property maintenance schedule to limit or avoid problems further down the line.

In short we can provide a level of management that both “matches your requirements” but also, it is hoped, “exceeds your expectations”.

Our service offers as much or as little as you are comfortable with. You still have ownership. You still have control.

This flexible and dedicated approach to block management has allowed Kirby Estates to be the front runner in “setting the standard” not “chasing the standard” in block and estate management.